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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Check out our upcoming 3-hour evening seminar on Wednesday October 16th featuring Dr. Mike Mandel with Adam Sutherland.

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Welcome!  The Toronto School of British Jiu Jitsu is located in the Beaches area of Toronto, near Kingston Road and Victoria Park Ave.  Our focus is on SELF DEFENSE.  We currently get together on Wednesday nights 7-9pm to train in our fantastic system of self defense.  They system is based on the Defendo system combined with principles from British Military Combatives from  William Fairbairn and Carl Cestari.  What we teach is real-world stuff.  It’s not sport nor is it a martial art.    It’s great to know you’ll be equipped to protect yourself and your loved ones after learning a real self defense system.  Get in touch with us!  Find out more about our classes here.