Regular Weekly Classes

We hold our class from 7-9pm near the border of the Beach area of Toronto and Scarborough. Specifically we are close to Victoria Park Ave on Kingston Road.

Our class has a high ratio of instructors to students. There are usually at least 2 instructors present, and often we have 4 instructors in our small classes. Everyone gets personal attention.

We start with a quick stretch to get our bodies ready to move. We also stretch our small joints because British Jiu Jitsu involves a lot of small joint manipulation.

We teach a variety of techniques in every class. We focus on reality-based self defense. We teach our students how to END an attack. Compared to other arts that teach you how to “fight”, we are very different. We don’t care to fight. We want the fight to be either: 1) avoided; or 2) over before the attacker knows what happened.

Fitness Requirements?

We don’t require you to be physically fit. We encourage it for your own health, but we have a wide variety of fitness levels among our students and British Jiu Jitsu is a system that will work for you no matter what your size, level of fitness, or strength. We stay away from complicated stuff. We’re about simplicity and effectiveness to save your life, or safe the life of someone you love.

Laughter and Fun

We take our training seriously, but we are also out to have a good laugh together. We all get along, we share laughs with each other, and we all look forward to the weekly class. Afterwards, many of us head out to a local pub (no Jiu Jitsu at the pub!). If you join us as a student, you are welcome to join us after class too.