(by Adam)

1. Having a lack of Awareness

When you’re out and about living your life, look around and pay attention to where you are and what you’re doing.  Even pay attention to who you are with.  The number of people who don’t do this will surprise you. The benefits of staying alert are to numerous to list here, but an obvious one would be avoiding a group of people who are out for a fight.  You don’t need to be around for that.

2.  The Fear Vibe

… or as I like to call it blood in the water.  If you look like a victim you will be treated like one. Figure out what you’re afraid of and deal with it as best as you can.  Replace your fear with calm coolness of mind.  Have an “almost bored” expression instead of one that wreaks of fear.  You will be thankful that you did.

3. Bluffing

…NEVER BLUFF!  If you find yourself in an unprevoked encounter where you’re being threatened, never make threats or bluff.  Get out or take them out.  Those are the choices.  Getting out includes using phychological tactics to end the situation, not necessarily physical skills.

Standing there and woofing it up with some would-be attacker is not only a waste of time… it’s also stupid and attracts unnesesary attention to the sistuation.  Just don’t do it! Let your “Run” be “Run” and your “Go” be “Go”.  Everything else, aside from psychological disarms, is a waste of time.

4. Tough Guy Posturing

Looking good and actually being good. Do not fall for the ego lie that says you must always look like Superman in front of  the boys or some girl/wife ” there is always a bigger stronger faster guy”.  Aim for being the best you you can be.  The macho man attitude can get you killed. Avoid looking tough – just be tough!  Mama always said ” an Empty can makes the most noise”

5. Boundary Violation

Just keep your walls up and keep people at a distance in public places. Look around and never let someone behind you if you don’t trust them. Do your best to keep people at arms length. Cultivate a body bubble and make it clear when someone get inside it, by moving or asking them to move back, or shifting or  put something between you and them etc.

Do the 5 things until they become a habit. Until next time train hard.

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