This week lets get some things in your head. Read this list.Think about what each one of the 7 things do to you or how they would change if at all, what you would do when we train each week!

1. Assume that there is more than one attacker even if you can’t see the person.

2. All attackers that you may have to face are armed even if you don’t  see the Weapon.

3. All attackers you might have to defend against are superior in terms of size, strength, fitness, youth, experance and skill.

4. Any attacker who will  say “I am going to Kill you” or verbally threaten your person is also capable of doing it. Act on there words not what you think they might mean.

5. No violent encounter once it has begun can be de-escalated or defused. Never assume that it can just end it. Take off or take them out ! Nothing more at that point will work

6. Never let a stranger in a strange place enter your personal space, with out being confronted, eather nicely or not so nicely!

7. All of you tactics training and all we do can be and will be workable under conditions of poor visibilty. poor footing , unfamiliar enviroment, physical distress, injury, exhaustion, and while having to protect some one you love. Think about this when you train with us!

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