I have personal notes that I study and add to, I have been taking them and saving them for 10 years. I want to share them with you the student. Here  you go enjoy!

Always commit to what ever you are doing in life and in the class room.  Study how you move, how you walk , run ,jump and just move, you might be surprized by what you see. Study the foot work of other people when you walk around. Study how the body, yours and others move. Almost all of us move diffrently. Know what you can and can’t do, push your limits. Know yourself! Be self aware! Commit to personal growth, both in the classroom and in life. Remember to listen to that inner voice,gut feeling or when your common scence is tingling! Make your strengths stronger! and your weakness smaller. The Hardest part about  Self defence traing is …. Showing Up! The rest is easy … So commit to Showing Up. I look forward to training with you all

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