Learn to Save Your Life with Essential Self Defense Skills in 3 Hours

with Dr. Mike Mandel and Adam Sutherland

For more than a decade, I’ve been involved in a British style of Jiu Jitsu that Mike Mandel originally learned directly from its founder, Bill Underwood.  Only because Mike has an uncanny ability to perfectly remember these incredible self defense techniques, the system was preserved.  Mike’s star student is none other than Adam Sutherland. Together, the two of them have refined, improved and added to Underwood’s original material.  Adam is an outstanding teacher with amazing passion for helping people learn the skills they need to save their own life.

Join us on Wednesday October 16th from 6:30 to 9:30 P.M.

We’ve decided to hold a 3 hour seminar for anyone in the Toronto area who wants to learn these incredible self defense skills. Here’s what you’ll be learning.

  • The first hour is Dr. Mike Mandel covering psychological operations.  You’ll learn some of the best ways to judge and use body language to avoid and diffuse a dangerous situation.  Those of you reading this post likely already know why Mandel is the best person you could ever hope to learn this material from.  I think the one hour you’ll get from Mike will justify the entire price of the seminar alone … but that’s just my opinion.  
  • The second and third hour will be taught primarily by Adam Sutherland, with backup from both myself (Chris Thompson) and our system head, Mike Mandel.  Adam has designed a two hour practical skills seminar that will teach you exactly how to end or stop a dangerous confrontation using your body and some highly effective techniques.  Everything Adam will show you is easy to learn and does not require years or even months of practise to get right.  In a street situation there are no rules.  Criminals and thugs obviously aren’t playing by the rules, so as ethical, law-abiding people defending ourselves, we need to know this too.  Adam will show you exactly how to overcome an opponent and exit the situation with your life (or the life of your loved ones) intact.

Everything that you’ll learn in this 3 hour seminar is practical, simple and highly effective.  In just this one evening you’ll walk away with the knowledge and skills to handle yourself in a bad situation (should it ever happen).

This 3 hour seminar is an absolute bargain at $97 (early bird rate).  Sign up before Friday October 4th, after which the price will rise to $147 (no exceptions).  We have very limited seating, so act fast.

Because we know that many of you will want to join the Toronto School of British Jiu Jitsu (run by Adam), you’ll have the opportunity to apply your entire seminar fee towards the first three months of training.  This is an exceptional opportunity to get the seminar as a free bonus (while hanging out with Mike, Adam and myself every Wednesday night learning amazing self defense skills).

Sign up to join us.  You’re going to love it!

TIME AND DATE: 6:30 to 9:30 P.M. on October 16th

LOCATION: 975 Kingston Road (Kingston Rd United Church)

PRICE: $97 only until Friday October 4th.

Kingston Road United Church Map

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