(by Adam)

1. If you show up to class you’re training ..this includes your guests.  Otherwise you get nothing out of being there.

2. No cheap shots.  We don’t train with dicks.

3. Stick with what is being taught.

4. Have excellent personal hygiene … we get pretty close to each other in training.

5. Only an Instructor may teach.  This avoids you learning errors.

6. No Jiu-jitsu when we go out to the bar after class.  Keep it in the classroom.

7. Be positive.

8. When we call “break”, respect it.  We called it for a reason.

9. Respect the tap.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt.

10. No flopping.

11. Protect yourself and your training partner.

12. No swearing in class.

13. Train hard.

14 Ask questions.  Lots of them.  We encourage it.

Please learn this list and follow it .

Until next week

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