I want to get across the point of pre-conflict and making up one’s mind. How far are you willing to go to protect yourself and your loved ones?

The importance of having made up your mind before you ever have to use what we train each week cannot be over stated. I want you to think about all the people who love you. Make a list if you like, list all the people who count on you.  Being sound in body and mind, use this list to motivate your training. Make up your mind that there are people who love you and need you then ask yourself just how far are you willing to go to protect yourself? Because they need you! This understanding should reflect in your training.

I would rather bleed in the classroom than on the street. We have never had anyone hurt in our training sessions, by the way. I will not let my ego get out of control.  People care for me and love me.  They need me to be healthy so I can work, play and take care of them. My training reflects this, Yours should too.

I have a set of morals and values that I hold very close to my heart. I have come by them honestly and with a few hardknocks as well. I often find it unnerving to see others put there morals and values onto someone else, who clearly does not share them. Not everyone values what you and I do. Heck, I may not value what you do. What I am willing to fight for might not be what you are willing to fight for or over, things like a parking spot? or a shopping cart or a spilt beer, or a bad glance at me or my company in a public place , or a bump in a mall or sidewalk by a passerby?  You get the point.

I am polite in the real world. If I get the vibe that things are going to get hairy… no matter where I happen to be… I simply leave with no questions asked. I have made up my mind that it is always better to have a busted ego than a busted body. I simply don’t care what a stranger thinks of me.

I am reminded of a quote:

“Never spend more time on an enemy then you would on a friend “

I just walk away. There is a line … and should anyone cross that line I will say to myself, “enough is enough”, but that line is very far away. I don’t have a short fuse. I don’t have a quick temper and I am not interested in saving face.

I know what I am capable of. I know that with the burden of what I know, I can more than protect myself.  I’m able to end someone’s life if need be.  Any of our students could do the same.  You don’t need to train in any system of Martial Arts to hit someone with a car , or stab them with a knife, or … in a fit of anger… slash out with a punch and knock a person to the ground where they hit there head and die.  Again, you get the point.

Carry your loved ones with you everywhere. Carry them in your heart. Let all your actions reflect their love for you and your love for them. I no longer train to protect only myself, but to protect my loved ones as well.

I train against my ego, I train against the inner voice that says what other people think of me, who I have never met.  I train for what I hope never happens. I train hard,with my loved ones in my heart because I have made up my mind exactly how far I’m willing to “go” depending on the scenario.

Take sometime and think about these things . Take as much time as you need. Feel the weight of your personal power, and your responablity to the people who care for you, and then make up your mind. Settle the issue inside yourself long before any encounter ever happens.

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