I know that I have not updated this site in a long while for that I am truly sorry.Please forgive me. We are still going strong! Today is Sept.3 2013 and we are in our 11th year of teaching this one of a kind system. It can be stated and I believe that we are the first reality based self protection system ever! I am so very proud of that. I am even more proud of the fact that our students continue to learn and grow in this system. We have been working on creating online shorts, called The Principals of Self Protection!! Editing is almost done and they will be on this website in the very near future!! Check back for them soon. We have also made just for our students the British Jiujitsu Matrix listing the basic system with photos and instructional video! 2013- 2014 is going to be the most amazing year in our hisrory so far. One more thing we are planning 3 workshops per-year starting very soon check back for details. These workshops will be one of a kind and you dare not miss any of them! Check back in the coming weeks for updates. Our First one will be called Psyops and Self Protection! We are all very excited about this one ! I will be updateing each this site each week ! I look forward to it you should also until next week stay safe. Adam Sutherland Chief Instructor.

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