In any physical conflict your only goal must be nothing less than absolute survival. It is not and must never be to injure, hurt, or maim an attacker. Those things are just byproducts of your goal …your absolute survival. Keep this in mind when training.

I am often asked in class this question in some form or another. ”
When do I use what I have been taught?”  I will sum up the answer!  When whatever you’re dealing with is no longer acceptable to YOU!

What you will do may not be what I might do under the same conditions. It is time to “fight”, for lack of a better word, when you find the condition you’re facing no longer acceptable. Being prepared is often enough. Walking away is often enough. A fight avoided is a fight won!

Knowing how to protect yourself is, in my mind, just as important as knowing how to swim. Swimming is a skill set most of us learn at an early age. I liken swiming with self protection skills in almost the same way. The question then might be  stated this way  When do I start swiming? The answer: When you’re in the water, Not when you think you might drown!

Not very often does one find oneself in a sistuation one cannot control …and most often by having the option to just leave. If you’re in over your head you have only yourself to blame. Being aware is often enough to help one avoid a possable bad bad day! The key then must always be getting to the shore or back on dry land as soon as possable. Or getting to SAFE! Doing what it takes to get there as quickly and effectively as possable.

Ask yourself, “How well do I swim?” Ask yourself …  If you were dropped into deep waters could you save your own life with the skills that you have today? I hope so. The diffrence between swiming and self protection is self protection skills tend to rust with lack of use. So train hard and pay in sweat, time and yes money. Invest in you! Your surivial is in your own hands. Until next week stay safe and watch out for the sharks!

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